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Long Range Planning Team

Long Range Planning Team


Motivated by God’s love and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, recognizing we are called to be vessels of healing in a hurting world, we aim to fulfill and seek to implement our mission statement, continuing to be a visible and vibrant church with a vision for tomorrow.

The Great Commandment (Matt. 23:23-40)           The Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20)

To achieve this purpose, the following goals have been adopted:

  1. To seek the Lord’s will through prayer, joining God in His work in a hurting world.
  2. To work with the representative teams to give accountability, vitality, and vision for future direction.
  3. Keep the focus on five (5) areas: (Acts 2:42-47) worship, fellowship, service/out-

reach, discipleship, and stewardship.   In each of these areas always evaluate the staffing, facility, and program needs together so that none is over or under emphasized.


To achieve these goals, the following objectives have been adopted:

  1. A facilitator will initiate Long Range Planning discussion with standing teams on a quarterly basis to determine with them the immediate needs and anticipated vision of 3-5 years.
  2. Develop measurable outcomes from each of the five focus areas.
  3. Keep goals and planning focused on building God’s kingdom.


The membership of the team may consist of the Director of Ministry, Pastor(s), focus area representatives, an elder and a deacon and at large members with a maximum of eleven (11) members. The team will select a facilitator who is not a staff member.


The team will report monthly to the Executive team, full Council or as needed. The team will also report annually to the congregation and/or when deemed appropriate by the Executive team of the Council.

Terms of Service

The at large members will have staggering terms of three (3) year duration. The other members’ terms will follow their area of representation.

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