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Education and Library Team

Education Team


Motivated by God’s love for us and a hurting world, the Education Team seeks to provide educational opportunities in order to know and experience more of God and be equipped to serve others.


  1. Promote the spiritual growth of the congregation.
  2. Seek to educate all members of Trinity Christian Reformed Church, so they may be fully devoted followers of Jesus, by providing opportunities for learning about God and His Word.
  3. Promote the equipping for ministry concept.


The team shall have seven (7) members: One (1) Council member acting as a liaison to the Council, one (1) young adult, and five (5) adult members. The Director of Ministry will serve in an advisory role on the team. Appointments are for three (3) years and can be renewed for another three (3) years with the approval of the Council. Terms should be staggered to assure continuity. The membership shall appoint a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Curriculum and Supply Person. Spiritual gifts that will be valuable for this team are teaching, administration, discernment, shepherding leadership, and encouragement.

Areas of Responsibility

The areas of responsibility include:

  1. The formal educational church school program of the youth.
    • Present the “gross list” of teachers to the Council for their approval at the August meeting of each church school year and in the spring for the summer session if we have one; also present any proposals or information to them that may need their approval.
    • Select a cause for the Church School offering and help promote that cause.
    • Help coordinate all adult societies and groups that meet throughout the year.
      1. Investigate other avenues of growth for the congregation, such as: retreats, film series, mini-series, etc.
    • Aid in the design of a master schedule for the church education program.
    • Annually review curricular materials and make necessary changes.
    • Provide training opportunities.

* See job description section for a description of the Chairperson duties.


Library Team


Motivated by God’s love for us and a hurting world, we recognize that the philosophy of education in Trinity CRC is to be distinctive.  All of our learning must be based on the  scriptures, the infallibility of God’s Word and our Reformed creedal standards.  The following guidelines have been established to help us evaluate our media center.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Selection – the librarians are responsible for selecting new materials to be purchased. The librarians must establish orders within the expenditures approved by the council.
  • Replacement – each summer the librarians are required to repair the library materials. If a book, etc. is beyond repair, the librarians should evaluate if a replacement is required.
  • Gift acceptance – all books, etc. received as a gift must be previewed.
  • Previewing – the library committee will ask for volunteers to preview any new material brought into the library. This person must evaluate the books, etc. based on God’s Word. They are encouraged to examine materials and eliminate books that are offensive in the following areas; vulgar or profane language, evolutionistic ideas, ghost and Halloween stories, sexually explicit books, etc.
  • Weeding – the librarians are to examine the books, etc. in the library to eliminate outdated books, books that are beyond repair, or books that are no longer circulating.
  • Removal of objectionable material – if there is any objection of any material in the library brought to the Library Team, the team will evaluate the materials.  If a consensus is made against the material, it will be removed immediately.
  • The following rules have been set up to regulate our library:
  1.  Visiting hours – the library will be open with a librarian present in the evenings while there are morning Sunday school classes and in the mornings when there are no Sunday school classes.
  2.  Self-check out will be done all day on Sundays.
  3.  Lost or damaged books – if library material does not come back after two  warnings, the cost of the materials will be assessed to the person
  4.  Church members can only use the library facility unless special arrangements have been made.
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