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Mandy’s Bright Hope Adoption Fund

“Mandy’s Bright Hope Adoption Fund” is an adoption fund established at Trinity Christian Reformed Church. This fund is in memory of Amanda (Mandy) Dawn Yung Wallenburg and has been established by her family. Mandy was born on February 27, 1986, and went to her eternal home in Heaven on December 6, 2009. Mandy was adopted from Korea at the age of 3 months. This fund is set up to encourage and assist the members of Trinity with the adoption process.

Mandy’s mother wrote the book titled, “Bright Hope,” which is the meaning of Mandy’s Korean name. The book is about the life and death of her daughter, and the early stages of the grief journey searching for God’s grace. The profit from this book will be donated by her mother into this fund. Other donations can be given at any time.

Mandy leaves a legacy which includes many blessings for family and friends. With the encouragement and compassion she gave others in her 23 years on this earth, this book, along with the adoption fund, will encourage others and keep Mandy’s memory alive in the hearts of those who love and miss her.


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Mandy’s Bright Hope Adoption Fund



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