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Facility Use

Trinity’s facility exists to help fulfill the mission of Trinity as described by our purpose statement: Motivated by God’s love for us and a hurting world, Trinity seeks to teach of God through his Word and be equipped to serve others, to the praise of God. This purpose statement and our goal to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social needs of all people shape our facility usage guidelines.


*All events, including rental party’s clean-up responsibilities, are to be completed by 7:00 p.m.


*Baptism and Profession of Faith gatherings are permitted at no charge.

*Events may begin 1 hour after morning service and are to be completed 1 hour prior to start of evening service.

*Clean-up is the responsibility of the families using the facility. A janitor charge of $25/hr. will be applied if the church is not left in an orderly fashion.

  1. For all activities reservations are required. Please call the church secretary at 476-5292. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.
  2. The facility is not to be used for money raising projects by outside groups, or for personal gain. It may be used for weddings, meetings, banquets, seminars, suppers, and family celebrations. Money raising projects can be held by our own church groups if proceeds go to church supported causes.
  3. Please pay the balance of your bill on the day of your event unless prior arrangements are made
  4. There are 42 round, 8 rectangular tables, and a stage. Individuals renting the facility are required to ensure tables, chairs and stage are placed in storage closets, and kitchen is left in an orderly fashion.
  5. The sound, projector, and camera systems are to be operated by Trinity’s sound system personnel only.
  6. No items shall be taken out of the worship center, except by special permission from the Director of Ministry. When taken out, please return all items to the same location.
  7. Candles are to be placed in proper holders so they will not tip and damage carpet or furniture. No candles shall be placed on windows. Extreme care shall be taken in placing candles on the pulpit. Plastic is to be placed under candles to protect the flooring from damage.
  8. Pulpit furnishings are to have felt pads placed on the bottom to prevent scratching of wood floor.
  9. Pulpit furniture will be removed by the janitor two days prior to the event.
  10. When using the kitchen, please clean and return all plates, cups, silverware, etc. to their proper places.
  11. Please do not remove kitchenware, etc. from the church for private functions.
  12. There will be no smoking in any part of the church building.
  13. No intoxicating liquor shall be used whatsoever.
  14. No red or purple punch or grape juice is to be served.
  15. In an effort to protect the church furniture, please use sticky tack when fastening decorations.
  16. The bulletin boards in the fellowship hall may be used if items are replaced as they were before.
  17.  In general, all church property must be treated with care and respect. Common sense and courtesy should prevail at all times. Items removed from storage (chairs, tables, etc.) should be replaced.In general, all church property must be treated with care and respect. Common sense and courtesy should prevail at all times. Items removed from storage (chairs, tables, etc.) should be replaced.
  18. A portable sound system may be rented for outside activities for $100.00 with one of Trinity’s sound personnel to operate it. The operator is paid $20.00/hr. plus mileage.

**Please make check payable to Trinity Christian Reformed Church for the full amount.

**Please DO NOT write separate checks. If you are mailing the check please put it to the attention of theBuilding Fund Treasurer.


Individual Events

Fellowship Hall………………..$75.00

Lower Level……………………$20.00/Room


*All rates include janitor and sound personnel


Individual Events

Worship Center……………….$100.00

Fellowship Hall………………..$100.00

Lower Level……………………$30.00/Room


* All rates include janitor and sound personnel

I have read the above policy and agree to the included terms.

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